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Clinton Koefed

Great wood selection and service. Prices were a bit higher than a few other places, specifically for walnut, but the quality and selection was higher as well. Well worth the extra money to get the best available stock that was flat, straight, and dry.

Dave Morris

Had a tough time finding good quality hardwoods for my trailer bed but these guys were very helpful and the job came out very good. Pleased with the product and their help!

Cheryl Quillman

Excellent service! James was the best. We walked in on a Saturday with a request for a small (72 inch) shelf. James was respectful and knowledgeable and kept in contact with us while he was making it. We had our shelf by Tuesday, when promised. I would highly recommend James and High Desert Hardwood.

George Haneke

Just bought some aromatic cedar from them....they were very helpful and pleasant to work with.. .great  selection of wood,  great prices  and great service...  best place in the area for all wood woodworking projects....If you are a wood worker you have to check them out!!!!

Coady Taylor

Wow!! My brother and I started a live edge project together but my brother is the skilled one. He recently passed and I’ve been worried I wouldn’t be able to finish it with out him. The staff here were so kind and helpful and even helped me with a cut at no charge. I was blown away and in tears when they told me it was something they wanted to do for my family and brother!!!!! I would recommend coming down to see them! They have an amazing selection of different types of wood.

Christopher Petrolay

This was my first trip to a lumber mill. Was extremely happy to find out about the milling services they provide. Purchased some great cherry wood and went ahead and paid the extra for clean joint edge. Saved me a lot of effort. I could not be happier with their patience and service for a first timer.

Craig Stevens (Tandaz)

I love this store they are so amazing!  First let me say the customer service is top notch.  I come in with an idea in my head of what I need and what I want to do and they are able to help me formulate that I to areal plan and get the right amounts of wood to bring it to fruition.  The supply of woods they have is fantastic.  Best in class for this area in my opinion and you definitely can't go wrong going to high desert hardwood to get your hardwood needs met!

Matthew Warren

Way better than where I use to buy wood. They sell to anybody. Wood is always stacked nicely so it is not warped. Prices are good and they offer a bulk discount. I don't know of a wood they don't have in stock. They also offer thickness, sanding, and moulding services which I have not used yet, but probably will eventually to save me some time. They will rough cut the wood for you if you need to fit it in a vehicle. I always have my wood cut down from 10' to 8' to fit in my wife's rav4. Just let them know you plan on buying the whole board when you request lots of wood to be resized.

Elise Harrison

I decided to build a vanity made of walnut with only a few old tools, no experience, and YouTube.  It was so exciting to find a place where they not only had the wood I needed but would also cut, plane, joint, and sand it for me. There is a charge for the service, but it was more than reasonable.  Much less than buying all the tools and trying to learn how to use them. Yikes!  Bonus points for being close to home since I messed up more than once and needed to go back for more.  Double bonus points for them letting me see their shop, where the magic happens.

Alex Crane

I like everything about this place. From the staff (who all know me by name) to the selection to the prices. I use their mill work all the time. It is a great feature being able to have them plane, resaw, joint, and sand.There is absolutely no question- these guys are the single best asset to my business. I will be a lifelong customer.

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