Milling Services
High Desert Hardwood offers all of the milling options mentioned below. If you do not have access to a planer, jointer, table saw, or bandsaw, ask us about our milling services.

Moulding is produced in-house. It is made to order using any of the over 300 knives in inventory and many of the hardwoods in stock. Check out our moulding catalog here.

What is S2S, S3S, S4S, and Re-saw?

S2S means two board faces are surfaced (planed) to a specified thickness.
• S3S, also known as S2S 1E, means two board faces are surfaced and one edge is straight-lined on a jointer. For wood workers
with a table saw the boards are ready to cut to width after S3S.
• S4S, or Surfaced 4 Sides, means four sides are milled two faces planed, one edge straight-lined, and the 2nd edge cut on a table
saw to when the board is cut to a specific width.
• S2S and S3S boards are sold by the board foot. S4S boards are sold by the lineal foot.
• Re-saw means to rip wood across the thickness, resulting in two or more thinner pieces from one board.

The bandsaw at High Desert Hardwood is capable of re-sawing wood with square edges up to 10' high.

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